Afternoon HIIT=magic

I’ve always been a big fan of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I love sweating and getting my heart rate up, and I love the feeling you carry for the rest of the day after you’ve crushed an insane workout! I also appreciate the shorter duration required to achieve the benefits of HIIT. And the fat burning is a definitely a plus.

I like to incorporate high intensity workouts into my week, usually 2-3 times in varying forms. Unfortunately, for the last few months I’ve been riddled with injuries and illness and haven’t had the stamina or strength to handle one of these workouts. But yesterday I jumped back into it, pumped out an awesome high intensity workout, and feel right back on track.20140709-121508-44108886.jpg

I made up two circuits, each with four exercises. I did each circuit for 7 minutes. In those 7 minutes, I continued to go through the circuit back-to-back without stopping (as many rounds as possible). After 7 minutes, I jumped straight into the second circuit. Did the second circuit for 7 minutes (as many rounds as possible in that time). I did this twice (circuit 1, circuit 2, circuit 1, circuit 2)…So 28 mins total. Killed me! Here’s what I did:

(Warm-up: skipping)

Circuit 1: 10 pushups, *10 narrow-to-wide squat jumps, 10 burpees, 15 windshield wipers (abs)

Circuit 2: 5 long-jumps, 15 weighted squats balancing on a bosu ball, **10 180 degree squat jumps, 15 v-sits (abs)


* The narrow-to-wide squat jumps: place a step up or bench on either side of you when standing feet together (the structure you use will depend on how high you want to jump!). Squat down in a narrow squat, then jump up, widening your feet so that you land with one foot on each of the benches on either side of you. When you land, land in a squat. This is one rep. Jump back down between the two boxes into a narrow squat (now on the ground) to begin the next rep. I can’t find any images to show you these so I’ll take some today and pop em’ in!

** 180 degree squat jumps: squat down and upon rising back up, jump into the air and twist so that when you land, you have rotated 180 degrees and land in a squat. Pause, squat down and jump up again and land in a squat facing your original starting direction. Make sure when you jump and twist that you twist once you are up in the air rather than while you are taking off (ie jump up, then twist).

180Squat_660x4601(image source: Skinny Mom)



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