I Love My Nike Frees Buuuut…


We are taking a break from each other. Yep a break. At least a running break. I’ve always loved a light, natural-feeling running shoe. Ever since I was a kid! And every time I’ve run into problems with my trouble knee, I’ve been guided (ie very firmly told) to get my feet into a more padded shoe. And every time I finally cave and follow the advice (it takes a while), my knee is instantly happier. So then I happily run pain-free for a while, convince myself that I can run in my cute shoes again…and eventually I end up right back in the same position.

This time, I was particularly frustrated because I’ve been SO good. Like, soooo good. I stopped running entirely a few months ago. When I was sure it was time to start again, I re-started as though I had never run a day in my life with a walk-jog program. Last week, I suddenly had pain that I couldn’t shake. I swear, I didn’t do anything bad! I definitely didn’t go rouge and run further or faster than I was supposed to! And the pain was accompanied by a nice amount of swelling and heat. Uhg.

Sooo the other day, I caved and returned to the ever-faithful (at least for me) Asics brand. These are the ones I always return to when times get rough.  I gave my new shoes a go yesterday and had ZERO pain (the day prior I had to stop running due to pain). I wrote some of it off to placebo effect. But today my resting pain was gone and no part of my daily routine was bringing it on. And then this evening I went for round two and I think my knee actually felt better after my run. No swelling, no heat.

So for now, my Frees and I will just have to keep our hanging out for the gym!

Run on ❤



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