Summer Travels: San Juan Island

My mum and I try to travel together whenever we get the opportunity. We always have so much fun! And always get into a little bit of trouble, of course. Since I moved to Australia, it’s been years since we had our last us-only trip. So when I booked my tickets home for my brother’s wedding, the first thing she did was swipe a few of the days prior to the wedding to take me away! I love her for that ❤ And I really needed, as I had been quite sick and busy the months leading up to my trip home.

I left the the decision of where to go up to mum. She always knows just the right places to go! She ended up booking us into an adorable cottage in Friday Harbour, San Juan Island WA.

To get there from Vancouver Island, we took a ferry to San Juan from gorgeous Sidney.




San Juan ferry


We chatted, drank coffee, and read on our way to Friday Harbour. It was the first time I had sat down and relaxed in a very, very long time. I needed it! When I go home, and especially when I stay with mum, I feel like my refresh button is hit almost instantly. It doesn’t hurt that she takes really good care of me 🙂

It only took a few hours and we had arrived! Although we’d been given a forecast of rain, we didn’t get a drop and instead were welcomed with sunny skies.

Friday Harbour2

We had a few hours until hotel check-in time, so we parked the car and wandered around! Whenever I travel with mum, my caffeine addiction gets about 30-fold worse. I spend the next month afterwards getting myself back down to a reasonably normal intake level. But I love it! So the first thing we needed to do was to find a reasonable cup of coffee. We found an adorable bakery just down the hill from our hotel and mum loved the coffee. It’s important to find these places early in the trip because you know you’ll be going back multiple times!

Cafe Demeter


After coffee and some shopping, we checked into our cottage. It was so adorable. They had taken information about our dietary preferences, and stocked the fridge with suitable food. We were even greeted with diet-friendly baked goods when we walked in the door! If you ever go to San Juan, I absolutely recommend staying at Harrison House Suites. And if available, definitely stay in Roche Harbor Cottage. You get your own private hot tub!

Mum is just as much of an exercise freak as I am (thank god!), so we were both itching to get outside and move our legs! We decided to head out for a long walk. 3 hours long! We saw some phenomenal properties, too! Everything is waterfront and massive and well-kept. I’m totally buying a holiday house on that island when I’m rich (a girl can dream, right?).

The next day, we got up early and of course we hit up our coffee spot. We decided to go for a proper hike. Two hikes, actually! The first hike was a steep, forest hike which I absolutely loved. And the view from the top was gorgeous. We could see Victoria!

Mum me hike san juan


Afterwards, we drove around to the other side of the island and completed another gorgeous walk. I think we encountered more wildlife on that single hike than I have in my life! And, despite the weather reports threatening us, we kept getting sun (I think I even got a little tan!).

Sun Friday Harbour

Following all our exercise, we needed a good chicken salad. Mum wanted to check out Roche Harbor, which was on the other side of the island. It was freaking adorable. If you find yourself on San Juan and don’t stay in Friday Harbor, definitely stay in Roche Harbor. It was adorable, swanky and surrounded by gorgeous water scenery.

Roche Harb



I saw a Starbucks in Roche Harbor and flipped out! Whenever I go to the States, I can’t stay away from Starbucks. They use sweetened soy milk over there. I know, I know, it’s probably loaded with sugar. But I’m only there every once and a while and don’t care! I was sooooo happy to get my hands on my American Iced Soy Latte!

USA iced coffee!


We spent the rest of the trip relaxing in our hot tub, eating fresh food, walking and drinking coffee. It was perfect!


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