Travels & Summer Wedding <3

The main reason I went home to Canada recently was for my brother’s wedding. I was soooo excited to go! Living in Aus, I often feel like I’m missing out on the fun family bonding stuff. So I really wanted to be around for all the fun pre-wedding events! I booked my tickets ages in advance due to a combination of excitement and having developed into a major flying snob! And I made sure I arrived almost 2 weeks before the big day so that I could be involved in all of the fun festivities.

The week leading up to my flight, I was extremely sick! I was napping multiple times a day (and I never nap!), and wasn’t even able to drink coffee (a clear indication that I was REALLY sick).

Aaand with all of that, I received an email a few days before departing informing me that my flight to Sydney had been changed to an earlier time. And that I would need to check in at 3am 😦 I wasn’t too keen on paying to cab in the morning of, nor taking the chance of sleeping in, so I decided to spend the night at the airport. Normally I would consider that to be a fun adventure, but sleeping at the airport before 30+ hours of travelling while extremely sick is pretty unpleasant!

But my excitement got the best of me and I found myself searching for a cup of coffee after checking in.
photo (8)

Everyone here makes fun of me for liking Hudson’s. I think it’s a combination of being an easy-to-please-give-me-anything-with-caffeine-in-it caffeine addict, and also the Canadian in me who will never become a Melbourne coffee snob.

The earliness of the Sydney flight was redeemed by a gorgeous sunrise
image (4)

The rest of my trip to Canada was pretty uneventful. I’m lucky enough to sleep easily on planes. Vish hates me for that! I don’t know how he survives being awake on a plane for that long. When I landed in Vancouver, I switched over to the domestic terminal to catch my flight to Victoria. I don’t normally travel through the Vancouver domestic terminal and it was AWESOME. It just feels like home. I sat down beside Tim Horton’s because I was in Canada and I could!

When I arrived in Vic, I received an amazing greeting from my Mum, Ash and Matt. I felt so special!

Ash even made signs ❤
image (7)
Mum caffeinated me as soon as I landed and Mattie and I made fun of Oprah having a chai (which I actually tried later in the trip and really enjoyed, thanks Oprah!). We went out for breakfast and I spent the rest of the day catching up with friends and family! Meredith slept over that night and we fell asleep early watching Mean Girls and eating mango.

The first wedding event was the bridal shower/nautical-themed bachelorette party! It was all a blast. Meredith was there as well so I was able to fit in some BFF time too!

image (8)

Guys treated us really well while we were out for the bachelorette party. There were plenty of free shots and drinks delivered to the table. And plenty of men giving the bride a hard time about getting married of course. All in good fun!

image (9)

Since I was my brother’s best (lady) man, I also got to do all the guy stuff! My brother’s good friend Dave and I planned and executed an excellent bachelor party. Let’s just say that an important part of the night was getting creative about how shots of Jack Daniels were consumed. And that a points system was involved!
image (8)

We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner two days before the wedding. The weather was gorgeous, so it was a blast being up at the farm in the sun! I’ll save venue photos for below when I show it all done up for the big day. In the evening we reconvened and had a lovely rehearsal dinner at the Fireside Grill in their private function room. Perfect spot!



The day before the wedding, Ash treated the girls and mums to a day at the gorgeous Sydney Pier Spa. I had to try REALLY hard not to chip mine exercising between then and the wedding!
image (9)

I spent that night before the wedding having a “girls night” with Meredith, Howard and Vish! We went to cafe Mexico, my favourite Mexican restaurant in Vic.


Cafe mexico

The next morning was wedding day! Mum and I woke up nice and early to get our hair and makeup done. I love doing things like that with my mum. She always does her research and finds nice spots. And she’s always so excited! We had a blast and the ladies made us look very pretty!
image (10)

We hit up a coffee shop nearby before heading out to Sidney to my brother’s hotel. While the bride-to-be and her family for ready at the venue, my mum, dad, step mum and I got ready with my brother at their hotel. We had bubbly and snacks and enjoyed the pre-wedding family celebrating!
image (11)

Once we were all ready, we headed out to Kildara Farms where the wedding was!

image (12)

They couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. It was perfect. Gorgeous clear blue skies giving us the backdrop of ocean and mountains. Totally perfect! My brother and Ash decided they wanted to do their main photos before the ceremony so that they could hang out with guests between ceremony and reception. Rebecca and I were the only other ones in on these photos so it was really special and fun! I can’t share too many at the moment because they haven’t been made public yet and I don’t want to be the first to post someone else’s special wedding photos! But I can post a few that have been posted and that aren’t the special bride and groom moments. Enjoy!

10325613_10152555297508485_5744974838259532092_n  10517469_10152555298518485_5626307451022782247_n10378128_10152555297843485_1499587338653611943_n

10556320_10152555298503485_1232248510967672009_n  10530660_10152555298553485_8665488310122810410_nimage (19) image (18) image (20) 10377241_10152555297308485_7395518440376661252_n 10425179_10152555298038485_8736509444759974611_n image (3) image (11)


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