My Favourite Fitness App

I’m not a huge app person when it comes to my workouts. I don’t like getting bogged down by technology, having to stop and start to adjust things or look at my phone. In fact, I don’t like working out with my phone at all if I can avoid it! But there is one app that I do use regularly and would highly recommend.

One of my favourite high intensity workouts uses a deck of cards. It’s fantastic when you’re travelling. It’s also a nice back up for gym days when you need to switch things up. And when you use the right exercises, it can KICK your ass. When I was in undergrad, I used to grab a deck of cards, jog to my gym and secure a squash court. It was a great size for spreading out and smashing out this type of workout!

The workout is easy. You need four exercises. You could focus on a particular body part, or the entire body. You can include some exercises that will ramp up the intensity, or incorporate heavy weights to make it a longer lifting session. I usually use this workout as a balls-to-the-wall ass kick. For example, I may pick burpees, jumping lunges, push-ups and sprints.

Back in the day, I used to use the real deck of cards. I would assign each exercise a suit. Ace could be burpees, clubs could be push-ups, etc. If the deck had jokers, I would mix it up. Sometimes pulling a joker would = a repeat of the last exercise. Or maybe double what you just did. Or perhaps a high number of reps on an exercise that you weren’t already doing, such as squats.

Then you would shuffle up the deck and start pulling cards! Each number tells you the number of reps, while face cards are 10 reps. So, using my suit-exercise examples, if you pulled a 5 ace card, that’s 5 burpees. And you keep pulling cards until you’ve gone through all 54. Without breaks.

These days you don’t need the real deck of cards because there’s an app for that! It’s called Card WOD. Instead of using a real deck of cards and remembering which exercises are assigned to which suits, the app does it all for you! You open it up and pick your exercises and jokers. This is the workout I did today:

image (2)image (9)The app randomizes the cards being pulled (get ready for 50 back-to-back burpees!) while keeping track of time and the number of cards remaining. I absolutely LOVE this app and totally recommend it. You can get really creative and push yourself in a whole new way!


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