When you need a little motivation…

Sometimes we lose our motivation. It’s normal. It happens.

But sometimes we let our daily stresses and routines get the best of us for too long. You know when you wake up one morning, or look up from your desk one afternoon, and realize you’ve been plodding along without a spark for far too long? Everything’s going well, but you have trouble placing when you last felt a raw sense of inspiration injected into your day?

When I feel like that, I have a particular Ted Talk I turn to. Yes, I also go outside and get some fresh air. Run a different route and peruse the recent MD/PhD graduates from Harvard (am I the only one who does this regularly?). But this Ted Talk is also on my go-to list.

Even if you’re not in some version of a rut, watch it anyway. You’ll get something from it, I promise!


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