About Me


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As you probably know by now, I’m Emmie and this is my blog. I’m 25 years old and currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been here for over 2 years now! While I am Australian, I was actually born in New Zealand…and moved to Canada when I was little. My heart belongs in BC, Canada…I consider that home.



Healthy Eating & Exercise


You can probably tell by now that healthy eating/cooking and exercise are a pretty important part of my life! My biggest exercise passion has always been running. I never liked it as a kid, though! When I was in elementary school, my dad used to wake me up before sunrise to run this hilly course in my hometown to prep me for cross country. At the time, I wasn’t too keen on the early mornings but I didn’t mind these runs and races. But I haaaated track. Yuck. I am not a natural sprinter! I used to run the 100m (the bane of my existence!) and the 4x100m relay (enjoyed ONLY is I was anchor!). After elementary school, I entered highschool and didn’t do much of any exercise. But when first year of University started, something inspired me to start running again. And, except when forced not to due to injury, I’ve continued ever since. While I love the exercise-related feeling afterwards and definitely appreciate the cardio workout, I don’t run for exercise. I can appreciate why those who do say it’s the most boring thing ever. I wouldn’t enjoy it either if that was my purpose behind running. For me, running has always been more of a therapeutic activity. A way to clear my head, reset, pump myself up, feel strong, let out frustration, challenge myself, and get some fresh air.


You’ll also see in my posts that I’m a bit of a gym lover as well. I particularly enjoy workouts that absolutely destroy me!









You’ll see a few posts here and there about workouts like these that I love, as well as the apps and programs I use for inspiration and ideas.

I also love eating, cooking and baking healthy yummy food! I’m really into adapting recipes to make them healthier but just as enjoyable, especially less-healthy desert dishes. I’ve been conscious of eating clean for about seven years. Other than being active, it is one of the most important parts of my daily life!

My Life in Australia

I moved to Melbourne, Australia to have an adventure! Coming here and setting up a life from scratch has been quite the journey..fortunately I haven’t been doing it alone. I came here with my fiance 🙂


After a few months of travelling and working, we both kinda ended up in the programs we wanted to at the University of Melbourne! And that’s where I am now, studying and conducting research. I absolutely love what I’m doing and the people I’ve met doing it.





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